Happy New Year!

2013 was an amazing year for the team at History Angels. We researched some fascinating family trees and house histories, we brought together families separated by adoption, made some fabulous new genie friends, and honed our genealogy skills by studying new courses and reading some fascinating books! We faced some huge challenges, some particularly tricky family trees to trace, some brick walls to break down,

Christmas break was for me a time spent with family and friends, and involved the usual excesses of food, drink and gifts. My most poignant memory was over Christmas lunch when my Dad, as a response to quizzing from my children, started talking about his experiences during the Second World War.

Dad is a brilliant story teller and after-dinner speaker, and told us some amazing stories, including some that I hadn’t heard before. Pure genealogical gold. First hand evidence of a man’s recollection of his childhood experiences; the sights and sounds of conflict that have stuck with him for over 70 years. It was absolutely chilling to hear his account of the noise made by German Luftwaffe as they flew overhead, the sight of them flying over the moonlit River Avon on their way to bomb Avonmouth, the coldness of the ditch that he and his father had jumped into for protection.

I’ve now written down my Dad’s memories which are now safely stored as an integral part of my family tree. Something to put the meat on the bones of what could otherwise be a long list of names and dates. Something to treasure. Something that helps make my family tree vibrant!

New Years Resolutions are notoriously hard to keep. As such, I don’t usually make them. Life is challenging enough without setting myself up for a fall by February. This year however, in my Dad’s honour, I’ve promised myself that I’ll take up the challenge of devoting time each month to writing a blog post devoted to my passion, genealogical and historical research.

So, welcome to my new blog post! I urge you to interview your living relatives, listen to what they have to say, and write down what you hear. Oh, and on behalf of the team at History Angels, we wish you a Happy New Year!





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